Richard Bell-Smith

The delicate nature studies by noted Arizona sculptor Richard Bell Smith are sure to strike a responsive chord among those who feel a special affinity for woodland, field and stream. With unfailing mastery, Bell captures the dynamic spontaneity, rhythm and texture of natural growth. Here the transcendental experience of being at one with nature is preserved in bronze for your lasting enjoyment and contemplation.

Richard grew up close to the outdoors, and from an early age was fascinated by nature. As a youth, he would spend long summer days observing wildlife and sketching scenes from around the pond near his home. This was the beginning of a lasting and intensely spiritual relationship with nature which permeates all his art.

During his college years, studying linguistics and literatures, Bell maintained his studies by gathering and selling mineral specimens. The lure of art and nature proved invincible, and Richard went directly from academia back to his studio, where his artistic sensibilities found their expression in a new medium, welded sculpture. Bell is now renowned for his unrivaled skill with the welding torch. He has won numerous awards and competitions, and his sculptures are found in many of the world's finest collections.

Of his own art, Bell says, "I am committed to the idea of creating sculptures of universal appeal-- available to everyone at his own level of consciousness. For those who see only a pretty object for the home or office, they offer an ornamental and purely decorative beauty. For those who appreciate form, texture, color and line in their more formal relationships, I attempt to create an integral work of art. And they who seek a deeper spiritual meaning through the contemplation of art may share my vision of an analogy between the creation of a delicate tree sculpture from formless molten metal and the creation of the ordered universe from primal chaos. It is my sincere desire that my art might inspire people who routinely see only the decorative aspect of art to delve into the more introspective way of viewing and, thereby, not only please their sense of beauty, but increase their understanding of art as well."

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