Gallery of Dreams

Deborah Peters 

By age nine, Deborah knew art was her calling. By senior year in high school, she earned a collection of numerous exceptional merit awards for fine art, dominating the genre with ribbons at annual shows. Her emergence as an artist comes from a very unique history originating from the film production world combined with photography.

Seeing the future in the new computer software that revolutionized animation technology, Deborah received her degree in Computer Animation early on graduating with honors. She then landed a job with 20th Century Fox Animation Studios, the first graduate from The Art Institute to join the team. Her dedicated worth ethic promoted her into the Continuity department, where she gained invaluable experience working with producer Gary Goldman and director Don Bluth, learning nearly all facets of production while updating storyboards. Fascinated with 3d elements and camera, she contributed many long, additional hours to the 3D department, creating models that would later be on film earning her 2 film credits from the studio.

Preferring the true independent freedom the fine art realm has to offer, Deborah has gone back to her traditional roots in art, now seasoned with a cinematic eye for story and dimension. The camera is her first love and complete foundation for her paintings. One consistent thread in that has cemented in her mind from her film/photography background: "Show the story". She enjoys pushing the envelope with extreme close ups and cropped compositions; what doesn’t enhance the story gets edited out of the picture.

"Why wildlife? Wildlife has been a constant thread throughout my life: starting mainly from early childhood in Montana, and currently now, in Arizona. From horses to buffalo, these creatures are social, vibrant, carefree, peaceful - each with their own distinctive personalities. There’s a bold honesty about them I find captivating. The eyes are the window to the soul, and when these creatures look back at the viewer and really connect, I know I’ve done my part. This desire has inspired me to fulfill what I believe is my God given calling since I was picking colored crayons from a box of 64".