Gallery of Dreams

Archie Sutton 

Working with people for many years can give one an apperception of what-is and what-isn't. It is the "what is" or "what is there" that drives my work, and looking for what I have not yet grasped here in the now. My influence ranges from neo-impressionists, cubism, pop art and avant-garde postmodernism, albeit I don't believe my work genuinely represents it. My work reflects a contemporary abstract approach, I am forever pulled to contrasts; smooth and rough, light and dark, contrast is such a stark and beautiful expression of truth. I particularly like working with doors when constructing my art for the feel but mostly for the metaphor and look. I'm drawn to mixed-media for different reasons; texture, feel and multi-dimensional looks, and mostly the freedom to cast aside what I've learned and break free of perceived rules. I live in Sunizona, AriZona with my family, and work at home, this enables my wife and kids to influence or impact each piece of art. I conceptualize all my work before I begin a new piece, I know almost exactly where I am going in the beginning and almost never get there when I finish. It is this steady change to keep things fresh and new and make it exciting to connect with someone through art, especially one you have never met.